Three Himalayan Treks for Children Can Make Your Kids Strong and Responsible

Many people start their Himalayan trekking experience after the mid-twenties. Initially, they may not have the idea of how the mountain can be experienced differently. Getting influenced from the friend and peer group they come across their Himalayan trekking experience pretty late. Hiking experience close to nature is a necessary part to build our soul. At an early age, being familiar with the nature camp influence significantly in the rest of the life and mindset of a child. Hiking on a mountain with the friends is not only a travel experience, but it also develops a sense of brotherhood and teamwork spirit inside the kids. Himalayan trekking experience will improve the opening of their mind and develop a sense of freedom and responsibility at the early age. Even though such a nature camp or hiking experience we can create a sense of ownership among them.

All those qualities are essential for a lifetime. Since childhood, all the superior people around us teach the kids the lesson of good human qualities. All the theories are left dead in the books, but they will come alive and seem practical when the kids that with their life experience.

Hiking in the mountain demands physical fitness and mental stamina. Every hiker should have the self-confidence to reach their destination passing through all the hurdles on the way. But simultaneously, we have to keep in mind that natures camp for kids as a hiking experience should not be chosen above their limits. So it is always advisable to pick a beginner level hiking trail for the kids. Here we go with three easy achievable hiking experience for kids in the Himalaya. Parents who want to make their kids physically and mentally confident and robust must accompany them to those hiking destinations. Here you can find top three Himalayan treks for kids must do.

Deoria Tal Chandrashila

Deoria Tal Chandrashila is all season trail, and of course, this is one of the best treks for children. The kids can experience various natural trails in this trek. It is a dense forest or lush green meadows. Deoria Taal trekking will give a super summit experience for the kids to achieve. From Chandrashila you can view the extended range of mountains from Gadwal to Kumaon Himalaya. The summit experience is rewarding for your child with the sense of achievement. The connection with nature various plants and birds will also be a surplus exposure of knowledge about nature.


Kedarkantha is the best trek for winter and summer. This is one of the fascinating campsite experience for your children. It will make your child self-confident with the new life experience. Your kids will learn necessary camping experiences like a campfire, cooking and the significance of nature in personal life. It will build a healthy respectful relationship with nature. The experience is priceless for your kids to add lifetime value with his or her qualities.

Bhrigu lake

If you are planning a trip near Manali, you need to cover a few more kilometers and reach to Bhrigu Lake. Like others, it is also a very quick accessible trek for the children. It is also a full-fledged Himalayan Trek with a complete view of nature. The journey of the Trek is only three days, and the height is 14000 feet. With this attitude, your child will learn to cope up with nature, and it will build the inner strength.

Home Design Furniture – Using Furniture to Create the Cosiest Ambience

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How A Home Design Software Can Decrease Home Building Costs

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